Let no one doubt: We have succeeded at last, yes! The alleged tyrant, Lei Shen, fell to our hands last evening, while he manned his odd controls and summoned no end of strange electrical whips and dubious clouds, indeed.

To Ottoparts, Longwei, Edelrim, Whò, Vivimord, Felya, Silf, Boyle, Pawk, and your humble narrator, it was merely a most typical night’s work, journeying into some strange chamber, finding absurdly tall and oddly armored monstrosities, listening to their maniacal boasts, and then impaling them with sharp and pointed weapons, yes.

I must confess I am a bit unsure of why we had to kill this Lei Shen person, yes, but he’s dead now, so that’s done, and some of the local villagers seem pleased with us, yes.

Lei Shen is dead! Long live Lei Shen!

((CONGRATS ALL! Ahead of the Curve.))

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