My very dear friends,

Somehow you have stumbled upon this, which is my new attempt at a document of the recorded history of the Umbral Advent, yes — our reflections upon the events and happenings, some ten years after we have initially bonded together, indeed.

I will attempt to document some sort of our history as we progress, indeed. Which is to say, as significant events occur, I will write them down here. Yes.

But first, it would make some sense to summarize what has happened to date, yes. However, there is much that has occurred, indeed. And to be entirely honest, I don’t recall everything, yes. Our old records, which were elsewhere — they have been lost, alas, yes.

So. First of all there was Raels, and her leadership, indeed. And then there was Okrth, and his leadership, yes. But since their time, both are indeed either dead or lost or missing or all three, yes.

Initially, we concerned ourselves with matters large and small, such as various ogres and liches and bugs and portals, yes. Then, for a time (and for some reason that I’m sure made some sense to someone while it was occurring), we all went through a portal to the Outlands. That was a difficult time, indeed, and our companionship almost came to an end, yes. The challenges we faced there were quite strong, yes. Nearly broken were we upon the back of a strange creature in the depths of Serpentshrine Caverns, as I recall, yes.

But we rallied! And I recall next we returned home to face floating necropolii, and the madness of Arthas, the Lich King, himself, yes. So many heroes assailed the citadel in Icecrown, yes, and we played our part. Glorious, indeed.

Then there was a period of time of Deathwing and its assault upon Azeroth, yes. And once again, together, we faced the challenge, yes. Amazing battles, indeed.

And then I seem to recall something about Pandaren, but all of that seems quite unlikely, yes. I’m not certain why we all seem to think they exist, but then again now everyone seems to have moved on, yes.

And all of which catches us up to more recent history, where there was another portal, yes, and for some reason we’ve returned to the Outlands, only the history is twisted and somehow it’s like the Caverns of Time once again, where we visit the past while in the present, indeed. That’s how I understand it, regardless, yes. So! There you have it.

The official and ostensible leader of the Umbral Advent is Saul, who is large, wise, orange, and appears only during Hallow’s Eve in the throne room above the Undercity, yes. But I am the servant of Saul and speak for him. These are his words, from his mouth, set down by my claws, yes. I hope they are appreciated, indeed.

And to close, let me add his, some sort of picture generated by some strange device that I was given by some golem, indeed. It appears to be of me! Fascinating, yes. But at least now you know what I look like.


Father Doctor Sergeant Bregdark, Mouthpiece of Saul

S.E.L.F.I.E. of Bregdark Urclaw

Is this working?

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